Are your air duct filters full of dust and dirt? Do you sneeze more than usual? It may be a sign that your ventilation ducts are ripe for a good cleaning… Let’s go around the subject in four questions!


The ducts in forced air ventilation and heating systems accumulate an impressive amount of dirt over time. Bacteria and molds can even develop if there has been water infiltration. Cleaning these ducts can improve the quality of the air you breathe. Since we spend most of our time inside the house, this is a good investment for health!

Do not forget to clean the filters of forced air heaters and outdoor air vents!


As a general rule, it is advisable to clean the ventilation ducts once every five years and preferably in the fall, before the arrival of cold weather. However, the frequency of duct cleaning varies according to certain factors, such as the size of the residence, the number of occupants and the location (if the house is in a town near a boulevard, for example). The presence of pets or cigarette smoke also changes the game.

If you notice that your filters are dirty, it’s because your ducts are dirty too. A clean-up is necessary!

Who and how?

To clean ducts like those in an air exchanger and remove the dust from the interior, you need a specialized company that will perform a complete air duct cleaning. Tools such as rotating brushes or air nozzles will dislodge debris, which will then be removed with a large suction hose. A suction-friction-pulse (SFP) process that is much more efficient than a vacuum cleaner is often used.

To find a professional, you can search online on major search engines, yellow pages or ask your friend or colleague just in case they know someone who does quality air duct cleaning.


If your home has about fifteen air vents, you need between $250 and $400 to have your ventilation ducts cleaned by a specialized firm. It will be necessary to add between $40 and $100 to clean the coil and about $100 more if there is a second furnace. If you have just done some renovations and your ducts are filled with plaster dust, then it will certainly cost you more.

Now that you know each and everything about cleaning air ducts, it’s time that you sleeve up your shirt and begin with the process or have someone clean the ducts for you at an affordable price.