When doing a bathroom remodel, only two things can happen, either the bathroom remodeling will go smoothly and you will get the results you want, or it will be a complete disaster and you will regret doing it.  Nobody wants to have a disastrous bathroom remodeling, but if things are done without proper planning and using substandard quality materials, then nothing can stop the disaster from occurring. Let’s dive into details as to what disasters can occur while doing bathroom remodeling.

Wrong Measurements

Measurement errors are the most common problems when it comes to bathroom remodeling. You need to make sure that the fixtures need to fit properly. It’s not that people who take wrong measurements do it deliberately, but it’s just that they forget to take the right measurements every time, thus facing the problem. I’ve also seen many people who begin installing their toilet without realizing that the measurement from wall to drain is not correct. Then, what happens is that toilet won’t fit until the drain is moved and if it is done late in the project, then a lot of things need to be broken and redone.

Then the problem of oversized fixtures arises. If you have got the wrong fixtures for your bathroom and designed your bathroom around those fixtures, then you have committed a big mistake which you will have to fix, but there will be a price to pay for it.

You need to bring certain materials in a piece and make sure that the size of the piece is correct. For example, if you buy a piece of linoleum for your bathroom, then it has to fit perfectly because if the piece turns out to be oversized or too small, then it will be worthless for the bathroom and you will have to invest in some other piece, which will add to your expenses.

This is where the role of an expert bathroom remodel is vital because he knows from the beginning as to what the right measurements and right materials for your bathroom are. Even if there is some problem with the measurements or materials, then he would know about it ahead of time and can assist you with your plans.


If you have no experience in plumbing then you may have trouble installing the pipes, faucets and other sanitary stuff. It doesn’t matter what kind of planning you use, if you are not familiarized with installing pipes, then you may come across problems such as leaks. The problem is more common when working with copper pipes. If you install the pipes incorrectly, then air will sneak into the pipes, thus making the pipes rattle.

If you have not planned the drain correctly, then you may have to deal with a stinky bathroom sink drain. Someone who knows plumbing would probably use a P-trap to ward off the smell that arises from the drain into the room.


Having your bathroom remodeled recently and then facing the problem of mold is definitely annoying because you will again have to make changes to your bathroom. To avoid this issue you can hire a remodeling company, but make sure to ask them whether they use a green board or plain wallboard. They will check all the things whether the shower tiles are watertight or not. They will also seal all the areas where mold could possibly accumulate.

These are the problems that result in bathroom remodeling disasters, but you can prevent these disasters by hiring a professional and experienced company.